December 28, 2010

On Camping Safari

The kids arrived safe and sound. The big 4x4 truck with rooftop tents has been rented.

Packing is almost complete. All that’s left is to get the gear stowed in the truck and we’re ready to leave. We’ll be gone until January 14 on a big camping safari throughout Namibia. There is no easily usable internet along the way so I won’t be posting again until about the 17th of January. But when I get back, I’ll have lots of new travelogue photos to share and new perceptions of Namibia.

In the meantime, here’s a little quick look back at some beautiful December sunsets and cloudscapes here in Windhoek. Hopefully, we’ll be adding lots more on our return, along with a recounting of our escapades along the way. I hope you will come back and check it out then.

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  1. Lynn,
    We're looking forward to hearing about your camping trip! I thought I would also tell you that my colleague, Walt Schacht, and his wife, Carol, have just arrive in Windhoek from Nebraska. He is going to be a Fulbright-sponsored lecturer in Nature Conservation and Agriculture for the entire year of 2011.

    They will initially be living in the Poly Heights, although I think they are hoping to move into a house at some point. But, I thought when you return from your trip, you might run into them at the Heights! They can enjoy your sunsets for a few days, at least. And, I'm sure it would be fun for Americans to have some new friends.

    Walt's photo is at this web page:

    His wife is also tall and blonde, and they are wonderful folks. Our regards, Larkin