April 23, 2011

Happy (Belated) Easter!

Author note:  This post should have gone up on Easter Sunday but apparently setting a post for future publication still isn't working on Blogger!

Suffice it to say, we made the trip as planned.  It was great and just a darned good thing we were in a four wheel drive!  Full post about this trip will be upcoming.

The camper with a roof tent has been rented and we’re headed to Sossusvlei for the Easter weekend. Word has it the vlei is filled with water (it was!) due to 2011's record breaking rainy season. It’s rare to have that happen so hold thumbs, as they say here, that we get to see it. (You will too, once we're back and can post photos!).

Easter in Namibia is a time for church and family. The grocery stores have been positively thronged with people buying lots and lots of food for family gatherings. I imagine the number of braais this weekend will be too numerous to ever count. It’s a religion unto itself here….everything is celebrated with a braai.

If you aren’t lighting your barbeque this weekend, I hope you are celebrating the Easter season of rebirth with friends and family in whatever ways bring you joy.

Happy, Happy Easter!