March 26, 2011

Through the Windows

Yes, I know I haven’t finished all the camping trip posts, but I'd like to take a small break to let you look through our windows. Before the rainy season, there were hardly ever clouds in the sky. But once the rainy season arrived (in full force – 100 year rains in Windhoek this year and it’s not over yet!), the skies were loaded with stunning clouds every day. Living on the 7th floor, we have beautiful views through our windows. I never get tired of looking at the city and cloudscapes as each day progresses. Apparently, I never get tired of taking their pictures either as I just found a big stack of them in my photos folders. Here’s a little sampler of the varied views through our windows.

Just as the sky begins to lighten in the morning:


 Partly cloudy days:

Bright sunny days:

Visitors at the window (Yes, they sting. Entire blog post about them coming up!):

Storms brewing:

Tropical Rain:

After the Rain:


The rainy season usually plays out here in April.  I will really miss these gorgeous clouds.  I took lots of formal portraits of them and will post those here at a later date.....sort of an ode to the rainy season.

Next post:  back to the camping trip in the Caprivi area of Namibia.