April 05, 2010


Namibia for a year?

Unbelievable.  These things don't happen in our life.
Oh my gosh, that means monstrous packing.
While we still can't quite fathom this is our life, with only 11 weeks until we go, we're working hard to get our trip organized and ourselves situated in Windhoek in time for the July 12th start of Polytechnic of Namibia's upcoming semester.
 There are:
  • vaccines to get
  • luggage limits to look up
  • visas to procure
  • Windhoek housing to arrange
  • impossibly small luggage limits to rail about
  • go/no-go stacks to create
  • textbooks to pack
  • a current household to whip into shape so our son can be put in charge
  • ludicrous luggage limits to be heatedly discussed with an airline customer service rep
  • And my gigantic, Excel workbook of a To Do List that will pretty much take the entire 11 weeks to complete.
In an idle musing the other day, the professor said, "I think we should expect to experience some anxiety surrounding our adjustment to Africa".
No kidding.